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Standard Exhaust System Replacement

Your vehicle’s exhaust system has a critical role to play in the efficient operation of your vehicle and for the safety of you and your family. The exhaust removes hot poisonous gases produced by your engine, keeping these gases away from your vehicle and its occupants, converting them into more environmentally friendly outputs. It also reduces engine noise to acceptable and legal levels, and Improves your engine’s performance and fuel economy.
We have a large range of suppliers that can supply direct bolt on replacement exhaust systems for your vehicle to assure you of quality fitment and hassle free driving. We use quality Australian made exhaust systems at our Tweed Heads location, and are able to offer a lifetime warranty. Please refer to our Lifetime Warranty section for more details. Please read our Performance Exhaust Replacement section below to see if your vehicle could benefit from a performance exhaust upgrade for more power and fuel economy.

Performance Exhaust Replacement

We have a large range of bolt on performance exhaust systems for most cars, utes and four wheel drive. These systems have been specially manufactured for maximum performance gain, superior design and with the ultimate sound and depending on your driving style improved economy. All our performance systems are mandrel bent to allow perfect flow through the bends without restriction compared to pipes bent using a normal exhaust pipe bender. All our systems have been tested to the highest standard to deliver the best quality and outcome for your vehicle.
Some of the leading brands of exhaust systems we use are Cobra Performance, Redback, Redback 4×4, Xforce, Rage, Mercury. We also have a large selection of header brands we use such as HiTech, Genie, Pacemaker, HM Headers and Redback for a totally tuned exhaust system. With this selection of leading brands we can offer you a choice of systems from mild steel, stainless steel, dual or single exhaust systems or a complete custom built system if a bolt on system is not available.


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