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Tweed Heads Brake Servicing & Clutch Replacement

A1 Automotive in Tweed Heads provide brake servicing and clutch replacement services for all makes and models of passenger vehicles, 4WDs and light commercial. Our mechanical workshop has been custom fitted to a high industry standard and our experienced team of qualified mechanics have been servicing Tweed Heads and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

For more information about our brake servicing and clutch replacement services, please get in touch on (07) 5524 3411.

Brake Servicing:

For routine or emergency break repairs, visit A1 Automotive. Our team use specialist equipment to identify faults and assess wear. We’ll make sure your brakes are in tip-top condition to keep you, your family and other road users safe. We source a broad range of pad and disc brands to provide budget-friendly options.

Brake servicing includes:

  • Disc machining
  • Pad replacement and adjustment
  • Brake bleeding
  • Brake line replacement
  • Disc replacement
  • Performance brake kit installation

In all our services, we conduct an analysis of brake wear. Even if you don’t require brake servicing at your current service, we’ll give you an estimate of the lifespan on your current pads and discs so you can financially prepare for the next service.

Clutch Replacement:

We install OEM and aftermarket clutch replacements to suit a wide variety of budget and performance requirements. Our team will provide expert advice based on your needs and budget.

Many of our 4×4 customers tow heavy caravans, trailers and boats, and we can install clutches to accommodate the more intense strain on the transmission. If you’re worried about the durability of your stock clutch, we can source and install a heavy-duty clutch designed for your vehicle. Likewise, we’ve got performance clutches, including organic and semi-organic dual and triple-plate clutches for high performance applications.

All our clutch suppliers provide warranties, but some may require flywheel machining for this warranty to apply. We can conduct flywheel machining in-house if your flywheel is looking warped or damaged. This ensures greater clutch durability. For greater performance, some of our customers opt for lightened flywheels, which we can also install.

Thorough Installation:

Our team thoroughly inspect your vehicle before conducting repairs and maintenance. We take the extra effort when installing your new brakes and clutch to ensure that surrounding components are still in good working order. Regardless of what we’re servicing, we like to let our customers know if there’s any potential issues that lay ahead so they can take care of it now or prepare for it at their next service.

Brake Servicing and Clutch Replacement Services

Get in touch with A1 Automotive to discuss our full range of mechanical services or to book in your vehicle. Call (07) 5524 3411